Deli sandwich

I’m looking for the best deli sandwiches around. For this one Blimpie, Subway, Quiznos, M &P Biancamano from Hoboken, and Fiore Deli of Hoboken are in the food fight. If you have more to add leave a comment.


Cook your own junk food!

Cook your own junk food!. This is awesome and made me hungry. What can be better then making your own junk food? While as long as its done right.

Secrets of Grilling

tips for grilling

Top Dog

March is finally here, and that means nice weather and baseball are just around the corner. In this food fight I will see where the best hot dog is. As my friend says,”Let’s light the grills.”

Best Burger

There are great burger joints all over the state like Five Guys, White Mana, Bobby Flay’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and Fat Burger just to mention a few, but I have to give Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace the edge. It may be a little more expensive then the others, but trust me it is worth it.

More pictures will be up this weekend.

Five Guys

The Fight for Best Burger

I know right now that almost everyone is tired of winter and can not wait for spring. What better way to think about spring than with a bbq burger. With my bbq being covered with snow, I can’t cook one just yet, but I can go out looking for the best burger joint. There are too many places for me to declare a winner right now, but who do you think has the top burger in New Jersey?

Battle of Buffalo Wings

What could be better than watching the big game with friends and family this weekend? Perhaps knowing where you can get the best buffalo wings. There are plenty of places to order wings, but the top two have to be Cluck-U and Hooters.Cluck-U can be found On Washington Street in Hoboken and in Jersey City’s Journal Square. As they say it’s an addiction.

As soon as someone mentions buffalo wings everyone thinks about Hooters. They got wings, beer, and not to mention beautiful women everywhere. This was the first time I’ve ever been to Hooters and it did not disappoint. They have two locates that I know of and they are in Hackensack and on route 17.

For this food fight I have to give the edge to the old time favorite Hooters. They have TVs everywhere you look, friendly service, and good times. So before the Super Bowl starts go out and get your wings.